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Hi, I'm Ramona Estrella.
I am a professional singer, vocal coach and educator with experience in music performance and music production, specialized in extended vocal techniques, improvisation, jazz performance and songwriting. (Download my CV here)

I’ve been working as a professional jazz singer, session musician, and as a singing teacher for 10 years. My diplomas in Cultural Management and Vocal Performance contribute to my ability to formulate and execute impactful artistic and educational projects.

I’ve traveled and studied with voice and music masters in Chile (where I’m from), Argentina, New York City, Vermont (US) and Melbourne (AU). I had the honor to receive knowledge, methods, and traditions from Sheila Jordan, Cyrille Aimee, Jamie Leonhart, Dominique Eade, Pantheatre (Roy Hart Centre), Rumbos Chile, Annie Murath, Magdalena Amenabar, Arlette Jequier, Claudio Rubio, Nicolás Vera and many more. I’ll be forever grateful to all the teachers and people that have taught me about music, voice and life, and I’ll respectfully and generously transmit the wisdom they have shared and inspire in me.

Currently I’m living in Australia, teaching, producing albums, videos and performances for my music project An Go, and researching and extending my practices (read music and voice work section to learn more).


In the past seven years I’ve facilitated 6 year old kids to 80 year old adults classes on singing techniques, music skills, improvisation, songwriting, sound and range extension, body movement and sound, lyrics work, stage performance and more; and coached artists that are initiating a music career to help them recognize their unique voice while deepening their practice and taking their skills to a profesional level.

Currently aiming to focus on children education and child care that includes music and art activities as mains, and working in songs for children in Spanish, becoming able to care for children while teaching them music and languages (English and Spanish).

My approach to learning and teaching is playful, taking imagination and silliness as best friends when aiming to loose shyness, insecurities and fears, to get confidence and freedom to enjoy the benefits of singing - and to share huge laughs! While playing, we work in gaining awareness of our instrument: our body, to then transform these very personal internal experiences to the materials with which we can paint the canvas of a song.
Is my mission to support you and guide you to connect with your authentic voice, musicality and passion.

download my CV here to find out my education history, the practices that feed my teaching approach and my formal teaching experience.

I’m available for online teaching worldwide, and currently able to teach in person workshops and private lessons to kids and adults in Australia. Email me to ask for availability, location and prices. Individuals and organizations are welcome to inquire.
I'm also open to volunteer in instances that benefit the less privileged communities.


#jazz #morejazz #improvisation #latinmusic #songresearch #groupsinging #butoh #AR #VR #studiosessionwork #backupsinging

From jazz to a little bit (tons) of more jazz, to avant garde jazz and free improvisation, visiting noise and shifting to experimental pop, latin pop and studio session work, my music and voice keep a vigorous and versatile expansive rhythm. (Click the previous links to listen).

Main projects:

CSSIDPC (2016-2018)
AN GO (2017-now)

My practice centers in the observation, exploration and expansion of sound as an extension of the body movement combined to the storytelling motivations that fire the most appreciated musical format of our times: the song. In my experience, is these motivations that will ultimately move the body to sound a certain way, and I’ve come to find that the motivation to share our story is tied to the natural need in humans to feel connected. Singing then becomes a basic need that’s been suppressed and shamed (in the mainstream), we’ve forgot our bodies are able to dance to their own sounds and transmute mental and physical states while doing it, and we certainly have little to no idea of the amazing benefits of group singing and barely consider it as a normal activity (read 'Singing for health'). The courage to raise our voices, to deeply see ourselves and let be seen, to learn to manage our mental and physical states and to be vulnerable to empathize and connect with others and work together for a greater good than our own, is in my opinion the most valuable weapon in these crazy times.

Besides my song traditions related research (currently exploring the traditional chilean tonadas, argentinian zambas and andean music huayno) and my body practices (currently exploring butoh), I’m slowly getting into the opposite direction of what I’ve been observing: how external sounds affect our brain and how we can use it to manage mental states. More on this soon.
Check my AN GO project to see the aesthetical results of my practices plus my explorations with Augmented and Virtual reality.

Thanks for reading, take care and keep sounding!